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Cycling New Zealand is among the best cycling in the world

Cycle across the Southern Alps, in the rain forest or along the seacoast all in breath taking scenery. From the far north of the North Island to the far south of the South Island, we offer the best cycling tours throughout New Zealand. The two islands are dramatically different, each deserving a separate leisurely biking tour.

To the East of the North Island lies the Coromandel Peninsula.  It is renowned for magnificent natural beauty and being an outdoor haven where rugged terrain is contrasted by an idyllic coastline. These natural features provide inspiration for the local artisans and you’ll find unique attractions hidden around each corner and tucked into every bay. The laid back culture, locally known as ‘Coromandel time’, encourages a relaxed atmosphere.

We have something for everyone from a leisurely two-day bike tour to a spectacular 21-day cycle tour in New Zealand.


Do you love to ride your bike in New Zealand? New Zealand is a safe and carefree place to cycle around. Whether you’re simply wanting a gentle pedal around vineyards or hunting for a challenging backcountry trail, if you’re a biking lover, then you would absolutely love Pedaltours’ cycle tours around New Zealand.

New Zealand cycle tours with Pedaltours cater to cyclists of all skill levels, from gentle and relaxing two-day tours to more challenging and breathtaking 21-day cycling tours, there is a cycling tour for all desires and interests. 

Cycling in New Zealand is an exceptional experience, as the mesmerizing scenery helps to create a gorgeous backdrop for one of the best cycling adventures in the world. On top of this, beautiful views and various local attractions will compete for your attention as you venture through New Zealand’s diverse roads and cycle trails.

One of the best cycling tours offered by Pedaltours is the 15-Day South Island grand biking tour. This could even be combined with the Southern Scenic seven-day tour to make an incredible 22-day trip. Cycling from Picton in the North of the South Island to Invercargill.

On the 16-Day South Island grand biking tour you will venture to Marlborough Sounds, the West Coast, the Southern Alps, and Queenstown. 

With Pedaltours’ New Zealand cycle tours, you could have the chance to discover the incredible beaches and volcanoes of New Zealand. If you were to opt for Pedaltours’ ten-day cycling tour, you could dissect the wonders and cultural heritage of New Zealand’s landscapes, exploring towns such as Matamata, Cambridge and Te Awamutu. Similarly, the Twin Coast cycle trail is a 4-day trip which cycles from Russell to Hokianga Harbour.

There are various brilliant cycling tours to choose from. With Pedaltours, you are bound to find something that interests you. For over 30 years Pedaltours has designed and operated New Zealand cycle tours, so what are you waiting for?


Pedaltours does an excellent job from booking to the very last day. Great hotels, great meals, excellent guide and above all incredible cycling through amazing landscapes in NZ.” Rafael, Brazil

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